Because they won't be kids forever. Childhood is a brief, fleeting moment.And when that moment has passed, it's too late to capture it.

Connie Groah has quickly become a sought-after children's photographer in the greater Annapolis area over the past 10 years for her unique eye and her ability to preserve little pieces of this precious time as she captures your children exploring their expanding world. The pensive stares, pouts, smiles and giggles are all part of their unique personalities. A child's innocence, curiosity and natural state of wonder make for perfect opportunities to capture life as art. Connie believes that every stage, every milestone, deserves to be remembered and that you will never regret having too many pictures of your children. They grow up so fast, and the stages they go through pass quickly. The way he sticks his tongue out when he crawls, the way she giggles excitedly with her first steps, his proud smile after he loses that first tooth, her nervous fidgeting before her first prom date... these are the moments that we wish to imprint in our memories. Connie will document these genuine expressions, moments and little details that may otherwise be forgotten.

34 of Connie's baby images are now featured in The Big Book of Babies, by JC Suares, available in bookstores nationally and abroad. She is a member of the Professional Photographers of America, and Professional Photographers of Greater Annapolis. She resides in Annapolis, Maryland with her husband,their two active teenagers, and their dog Carlo.

Connie is available for commission for portraits as well as commercial work with children in the Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington DC areas.