Connie’s style is relaxed and casual and stiff poses are avoided, although there are times when she may “set the stage”. Using a mixture of documentary style photography and relaxed poses ensures the creation of natural, genuine portraits that you will treasure for years to come. Her casual, unrushed approach to photography allows time for your child to get familiar with her, as well as to take breaks for snacks or clothing changes. Following the child’s lead, she will do whatever it takes to capture the giggles, the curious stares, and the expressions that speak to you. If there is one word that parents consistently use to describe her sessions, it is "patient".

“I do my best to keep the mood relaxed; photo sessions should be fun! My goal for your session is simple- to create images that reflect the essence of the person being photographed- to create images that you will cherish forever”.

The most natural, genuine portraits are created when people are relaxed and comfortable. Therefore, all sessions are conducted on location either at your home or an outdoor location such as downtown Annapolis or a local park. For sessions at your home, Connie will look around your home to find the best settings and natural light. If necessary, she may add portable studio lighting. Outdoor sessions are generally scheduled in the morning or a couple hours before sunset.

What to wear? This trivialized question takes on a whole new importance when dealing with portraits. Clothing choices should be considered and coordinated carefully as they will be a big determining factor in the final outcome of your portraits. Jeans, khakis and sundresses are classic choices as are simple, solid colors. However, there are times when more trendy, colorful clothing can make for an adorable portrait so feel free to bring a favorite outfit, or even a costume, along. After all, the images captured should reflect YOU! Hats and other accessories can also add spark and interest to your portraits. Although bare feet are preferred, if shoes must be worn, they should be kept as simple as possible. If you are having trouble selecting an outfit, bring several and Connie can help you choose which will achieve the look you want for your portraits.